Roper Washing Machine

Roper Washing Machine Reviews and Washers Dryers Compared

Roper Washing Machine

Roper washing machines are renowened as being a cheap brand but this in no way reflects on the reliability of these machines. As anyone who owns one of these will testify they are extremely hard wearing and reliable and clean clothes just as well as products two or three times more expensive.

Roper Washers Dryers Reviews

Here are reviews from people who own these for you to read and help you decide on which brand to choose.

Roper Appliances

RAS8445KQ Top Load Washer

“We bought a Roper washer and dryer 4 years ago. We were shopping around looking at combos over 1000 dollars but decided to go cheap and simple since experience has taught us that more moving parts and electronics means more trouble unless you are willing to pay more than a lot. We have 5 kids and the Roper has mostly been doing 1 to 2 loads a day for 4 years without giving us any problems whatsoever. This is incredible for a cheap machine like this. It washes great also. The only problem we have seen is that it seems to get out of balance a little too easy with heavy loads that won’t distribute evenly during the cycle. This is minor though and a problem we have had with far more expensive machines in the past. All in all,the Roper is a great piece of washing machinery at an incredible price. With the load that we put on it it should already have been heading toward retirement, but it keeps going and going and going. What more can you wish for its the best washer and dryer on the market.”

Roper Washing Machine

RAS6233KQ Top Load Washer

“This is my second Roper product. The first lasted 10 years. Roper only makes direct drive machines so there is never a need to have a service man replace the belt. It is quiet with lots of options such as 3 water levels, 3 temperature levels and 3 different washing options with multiple cycles in each. My old roper was faster but my new one cleans better because of the multiple cycles in every washing option. I know this sounds like a lot, and it is especially for a super capacity machine under 300 dollars. I want to buy the matching driver but my old Roper dryer is still working fine.”

RAS6223J Washer

“Moved into a new apartment and I never owned a washer or dryer. Looked around and couldn’t find a real deal for the money. But low and behold Best Buy had a special on both a washer and dryer combo. I had shopped around for a real deal but they actually had one that was for real and so far I haven’t had any problems. The washer actually has a lot of features that you would see on a higher priced washer. Don’t let the Roper name fool you it’s actually made by Whirlpool. Features include 4 water temperatures, 5 water levels, 2 speeds and several fabric settings. I haven’t had any problems with the unit so far and it’s been doing a great job on my clothes. I would recommend this unit for anyone out to get the most value for his or her dollar. Happy washing.”

Roper RAB5232E Washer

“Many years ago I was a very poor girl now I’m a poor woman so my mother felt sorry for me and bought me a washing machine although I think she was really tired of hauling me to the laundry mat. I told her I didn’t care what brand she bought, as long as it would wash the clothes that never seemed to stop getting dirty in our house. When the delivery person pulled up and unloaded the Roper, I looked at my mother as if she might have lost her mind. My previous experience with no name brands was not great. But she assured me it was a spin-off of one of that greater name band companies and who was I to complain anyway. My concern actually was that she had perhaps paid too much money for something that wasn’t going to last me very long. I was so wrong. It has been seven years since I received the washer. It wasn’t failed me once. It handles large loads with ease, never leaving grime behind. It features different cycles, from delicate to regular wash and everything comes out looking great. We have moved many, many times and the washer has been banged up a bit but it just keeps going. The outside isn’t shiny white anymore but the whites do come out white! This washer, as old as it is for being a no name brand doesn’t show any signs of quitting any time soon. In fact, I recently had the chance to trade it for another washer and turned the offer down flat. This washer does its job exceptionally well. Why trade something in that isn’t broken? The best thing about this washer is that those of us who can’t afford high priced machines that cost 500, 600 and even 700 dollars CAN afford this one. Not only are you getting a great price but you are getting the best washing machines

Roper Washer

RAX4232KQ Top Load Washer

“My experiences with the Roper washing machine have been over a period of 5 years. The washer I have is an older comparable model to the Roper described above. I have done numerous loads of laundry in this time with this product, besides moving it 3 times, and I have NEVER had a day of trouble with this machine. At the time I was shopping for a washing machine, my brother advised me that Roper is made by Whirlpool, a very dependable [roduct all around, and also that it had the ratchet action agitator that was supposed to be superior in its cleaning abilities compared to the other models. At the time I paid 350 dollars for this machine. I must say it was well worth it. Since I have bought the machine I married and had 2 children. They are now 14 months and 2 years, and have a TON of stained clothes. I do on average 6 to 8 loads of laundry a week, and the Roper washer has stood the test.I must tell you that occasionally it will eat a sock or two children’s socks mostly and you must be careful of fragile items or clothing with appliques on them because this washer has a very aggressive agitator. But the cleaning quality is impressive. If you are looking for a modestly priced, dependable washer I HIGHLY recommend a Roper Appliance. My particular model has 4 water levels, 3 temperature controls, and 4 wash cycles. It also has a dispenser for bleach on the side of the drum which is quite nice. The only drawback with MY particular model that I can think of is that the drum is narrow and deep instead of wide and more shallow. That is the only thing that I would change about this washer. These few drawbacks in my opinion pale in comparison to the wonderful service I have received from my machine.”

Roper Washer Dryer

Dependable construction – no drives or pulleys in the motor transmission means worry-free operation! Extra large and super capacities – generous drum sizes handle your biggest loads, taking fewer loads to get the job done!

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Roper Washing Machine

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