Maytag Washing Machines

Maytag Washing Machines Models  and Washers Dryers Reviews

Read a description of the most popular maytag washing machine ranges along with customers washing machine reviews. Prices vary greatly between the USA and the UK because the top loader is more popular in the USA with the front loader the best seller in the UK. Front loader machines start at $650 or 430 pounds with top loaders $350 or 350 pounds.

 Front Load Washers and Dryers

Expect dependability and uncompromising performance from this Maytag brand high-efficiency front load washer. It tumbles clothes through a wash system using 65% less water and 46% less energy than an average conventional top loading washer. Chip and scratch resistant, the stainless steel wash basket protects fabrics from snagging and pilling. The die-cast metallic control knob lets you select your desired cycle with one smooth and fluid movement. And, the QuietSeries 400 sound package reduces noise to promote quieter performance. Maytag Appliances

 ”I bought this washer and dryer pair at the same time. I researched this product because i have had terrible luck with past “new” washers; both front load and agitator models. I have owned these since Sept. 07 and love them.”

 ”The Maytag Epic is awesome. Even clothes that have been washed a thousand times in my old washer came out as clean as they were when they were brand new”

Bravos Maytag Washing Machine

Maytag Washing Machines

Triple your load size. The Maytag Bravos washer offers ample room to wash and care for all your loads of laundry. Plus, the IntelliClean impeller in this model continually somersaults clothes through the water, assuring maximum cleaning effectiveness without the need for an agitator 

“We have had our unit for over six months. We bought a black one together with the matching dryer. We had been looking at the front loaders but we chose this one because of the much larger capacity with the same energy savings. We absolutely love both they are the best washing machines.”

“I had a Maytag appliance for 20 years, then got a Whirlpool and had tons of problems…went back to this Maytag Bravo 4 months ago and I love this washer more than any I have ever had, I love the digital controls and it’s so quiet. ”

Stackable Washing Machine

Maytag Front Load Washer

This is a full-size washer/dryer stacked to use half your floor space! The no-agitator TurboClean wash system keeps clothes like new: water is scooped and showered onto laundry to remove tough stains while sparing clothes the wear and tear. The dryer features Maytag’s GentleBreeze drying system. SuperSize capacity in the washer (3.34 cu. ft.) and dryer (6.0 cu. ft.) lets you fit more clothes in each load and spend less time doing laundry. Reliability at an ideal size. With reliable cleaning and drying performance in a vertical format, this full-sized stacked laundry pair is perfect for closets or corners when space is limited. Features the DependableClean wash system for a reliable clean, wash after wash and the GentleBreeze drying system.

The QuietSeries 300 sound package reduces noise levels in your laundry room. And because the super stacker uses less water and energy, you’ll save money every year!

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Maytag Washing Machines

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