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When looking to buy a washing machine you will find that kenmore offers a range of front loaders, top loaders and vertical stacked combination washer/dryers. Below is an outline of each range with the prices in dollars and pounds reflecting the differences in the UK and USA markets as top loaders are more popular in the USA than the UK.

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Kenmore Washer – Front Loaders

The front loader range offers a choice of 28 different appliances covering a  range in cubic capacity from 3.1 to 4.4. The price you should expect to pay when buying a washing machine in this group would be from $480 to $1300 and 11 to 11 pounds in the UK

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Washer Reviews

Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam Washer, June 28, 2008

“I’ve had this machine for just over a month. I absolutely love it. It definitely uses a lot less water than my old washer, and is a lot quieter. In addition I’m saving on drying time because more water is removed during the high spin cycle. I would definitely recommend this machine. Our tax stimulus check was well spent.”

“Pros: Appearance, Capacity, Digital Display, Durable, Easy to Use, Efficient, Features, Space efficient, Quiet, Time Savings, Utility Savings, Value for Money “I bought this washer after going through 2 top load washers in 5yrs. I was hesitant on spending the extra money to get the machine, but I was fortunate to pick up the display model for 723.00 so I got the cheapest washing machine. After using it for 2 months, I would of gladly spent the 1500.00 it retails for. As noted in the other reviews, it’s quiet, uses less water, (I saw my water useage cut by 66% and that’s with me washing any and everything I coulf put in the thing). My clothes are cleaner with less detergent. The steam cycle is handy, but is not needed on most items due to the machines superior cleaning abilities. It does take longer to wash a load of clothes; however, you can easily fit about two traditional loads in it at a time and you can dry a load of this size in about 15-20mins. (seriously).”

Kenmore Washing Machine

Most of these front loaders can be bought with a matching dryer to give your kitchen or laundry room a very good stylish look.

Kenmore HE2t 3.7 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Front Load Washer

“I’m very happy with my new machines I recieved them on friday at 5:45 p.m just like the delivery center said the installers were very courteous and cleaned up and gave a detailed run through of the washer and dryer, we have ran both units constantly for three days with king size loads and the washer ran very quiet and cleaned the clothes very well i have 3 kids and pets that means lots of laundry and the HE2T seems to handle the job. The matching dryer drys clothes just as good as the washer washes them Kenmore did it again great job. I will definetly keep buying Kenmore products as they are the best washer and dryer maker.”

Kenmore 3.1 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer

“I purchased this model about 10 years ago. I had my 5 kids and my wife all using the machine. The only thing replaced in 10 years was the pump, and when I changed it out, I found out that the rubber sleeve that connects to the pump was full of change, earings, various screws and miscellaneous small objects. I have since made it a habit of regularly cleaning out that sleave, and always find more goodies. Other than that, this thing has taken a beating until the rear bearing finally gave out, and I hope to replace it with similar unit that matches the dryer. I was surprised to see all the complaints…maybe those that had a bad experience were the only ones prodded into making a review.”

Top Loading Kenmore Washing Machine 

This range has a choice of 16 appliances and when looking to buy washing machines from it expect to pay between $300 and $960 or 11 to 11 pounds in the UK. Sizes range from 2.1 to 4.7 cu capacity for these top loaders.Buy A Washing Machine


Kenmore Elite Oasis HT 4.7 cu. ft.

“We have had this machine for over 2 years now and with 4 kids in the house it has been a life saver, With the large capacity, we can get the laundry done faster, You must read the manual before using, This is a high end machine, Not a table calculator …. If you follow the manual you will not have any issues getting your clothes clean. It has saved us money in the cost of operation it must be the cheapest washing machines to run. You will love this if you give it try.”

Kenmore 700 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load Washer

“I bought this 2/05/09 and has performed fantastic. The noise issue raised in other reviews has not existed with my experience. I just made sure it was level and it works fine. Since it is fairly new I cannot say as to durability yet, but Kenmore makes the best washing machines and I do not anticipate problems. Our Clothes come out clean and the spin cycle really gets the water out for quicker drying times. I would say buy it.”

Kenmore Elite Oasis™ Agitator 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load Washer

“We’ve had this washer about a month now and all I can say is Wow! Large, fairly fast and quiet. Does a vey good job at getting clothes clean. What I really like is the size! This washer has cut my number of wash loads in half. Very quiet and full of washing options, this top loader does it all. If there are any quirks it would be clothes are really wound up when done. I take the time to straighten them out before drying so that is no real problem, and my drying time has shortened alot! Big, quiet and efficient, what else do you need?”

Kenmore Washing Machines Laundry Centers

This range has 7 appliances to choose from with a price range of $800 to $1000 or in the UK 11 to 11 pounds.


Kenmore Stack Washing Machine

Kenmore 24 in. Space Saver Laundry Center with Electric Dryer

“When we retired and down-sized, we moved to a small1100 sq ft home. We had no place for our washer &dryer. My daugher and son-in-law looked around and bought us this Kenmore washer/dryer and it fits in the closet in the bathroom. This combo not only washes as well as our side by side washer but it runs quietly. We were really suprised that this little kitten was really a tiger in disguise.. It cleans as well as our top of the line side-by-side pair, with no noise”

Kenmore 24 in. Laundry Center with Gas Dryer

“I purchased this product knowing it was small, but with features of larger units. I received it in excellent condition and the first thing I noticed is, it comes with the gas attachment hose, it’s 1/2 npt/flare adapter. So don’t buy the accessory hose. All in all the ability to do laundry in the small home I have is a major plus, and the gas dryer really does dry the clothes…!!! I also didn’t find the Dryer Buzzer to be that loud or long, a short buzz letting me know it’s done. I’m very satisified with my unit, it’s pretty quiet while running and does a pretty good size load.”

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