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Haier Washing Machines

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Here you will find specifications and users washer reviews on haier washing machines both top and front loading types. A form for submitting your reviews and comment’s can be found at the foot of the page.

haier washing machine

The HBF1055TVE washer comes with 1000 RPM spin speed and can be stacked with the HDY6-1 electric dryer to create one unit that fits nicely in a closet or they can be placed side-by-side.
1.8 Cu. Fot. Stainless Steel Drum
12 Fabric Care Wash Cycles
Auto Select Wash/Rinse Temperature
4 Spin Speed Options
Bleach, Fabric Softener and Detergent Dispenser
Extended Spin Option
Individual Hot and Cold Inlet Valves

Haier Washer HNS Range

haier appliancesFreestanding – Front Loading – Energy Efficiency: A – Max Capacity: 6 kg – Spin Speed: 1200 rpm – Width: 59.5cm

“The very smart looking white unit, which the very kind Argos man had just delivered, was something my wife had been waiting on for ages. What with car MOT and repairs and god knows what else the funds just simply were not available for a new washing machine, and other priorities were dealt with first. So when the funding became available you can imagine how relieved my wife was to finally have a washing machine again. The old one god bless it’s little old motor had served us very well and my wife had pondered seriously with the idea of getting one of the same manufacturer’s newer model. However it was an article in a magazine thatwas highlighting up and coming electronics company Haier that swayed both her and I towards one of their models. Haier are a Chinese company and I suppose the best comparison would be saying they were the Chinese equivalent of JVC or Philips. They make various electrical items, but mostly they concentrate on washers, fridges, and TV’s. Their huge reputation preceded them and being one of the most popular electronic retailers in China, they are currently making huge endeavours to break into other markets especially USA and Europe. They have just signed a massive deal with the American NBA in which they will receive a huge amount of advertising on their billboards and trackside advertising boards. After we ordered it I came across some reviews, which really put me off, but the purchase had been made and time would tell. To me it just looks like any other washing machine and is pretty much the same size as our old one. The one thing I have noticed is that it is really quiet, especially on the spin cycle………………I’m so used to the old one chugging away in the background that it had become a distant chug. The controls are man proof; well they have been up until now that is. Just turn the dial to one of the settings listed to the left of the control know they range from Prewash, Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Cashmere, Silk, Quick Wash, Rinse, Spin, and Drain. Each has a green light above it, which lights up when selected. Beneath the control knob is the main Power On/Off button, which I do believe needs no introduction. Directly to its left are a series of 4 buttons Delay to delay a program for a selected period. Temp to select a temperature for a program………….NOT all programs can have their temperature changed. Spin this button changes the spin speed, but I never use it cause I just always have it on full spin, because I know no different. The last button in the list is the one nearest the Power button and is the start/Pause button, which again needs no introduction I hope. In order to use any of the buttons you need to know what the settings are, and here a small 2-inch wide by about 1-inch high digital display shows the required info for each button press. So the basis explained and tested it was time for the first wash and I was frankly expecting a disaster after reading some reviews. I guess this time I got lucky cause we’ve had it a while now and have had no problems apart from deciphering parts of the instructions on initial set up. Three bolts had to be removed and the instructions were to say the least a little vague. Even though there were three blatantly obvious bolts, they were not precisely where the instructions said so be deliberated a while and eventually took a gamble on the obvious ones and we were right. The machine cost £169 from Argos but is available in other stores like Comet and Currys. As I said I read some very negative reviews, but have myself had no problems, If the problems had been a serious as some other reviews indicated then I do believe that the three stores mentioned would have had to do something, and perhaps they did. All in all though I’m quite chuffed and I haven’t heard a word of complaint from she who truly understands such equipment. It also plays a nice little tune when finished, but I have noticed that the last minute of any cycle takes ages, so here I’m guessing this has all to do with the safety lock mechanism for the door. All in all though for the money it’s a pretty good machine, which does a mighty fine job on all fronts.”

HW Haier Appliances Range

haier washerFront loader washing machine range withwith spin speeds from 1200 to 1400rpm and capacities
from 5kg to 7kg all models are rated energy class A, washing performance class A, spinning performance class C.

“We were told in Currys that Haier are one of the leading manufacturers in Asia and that they produce high quality products.
The machine itself is great looking, looks ultra modern and the controls are easy to use. There are lots of settings and it beeps when the cycle has completed and tells you the time remaining on the cycle.
The drum seems quite small but you can still get a good load in.”
“I bought my machine of a auction site. I had never actually heard of Haier washing machines before, but had a lot of fun bidding for it. I had already been told that appliances bought of an auction site, would probably have a bit of damage to them. When the machine arrived I found one small dint in the side, which when it was in situ couldn’t be seen, so I was happy with it.
The appearance of the machine is good, it is silver and fits in with any decor. There is quite a large range of wash cycles including quick wash. There are variable spinning speeds, the top one being 1400.
The first wash I did I was extremely pleased with. I just used quick wash and the clothes came out clean and well spun. The next was I did was not a full load and when i got the clothes out they were absolutely dripping wet. I tried to spin them again and they still came out soaking. After a few attempts I found that the clothes will not spin properly unless there is a full load. This can be a good thing in some ways as you don’t tend to wash at a moments notice, but plan to do the washing when you have a full load of the same type of garments.
This will save electricity etc. so to my mind that is good.
I do not know if this would have been the machine I would have chosen if I had bought it in the convential way, but all in all for the money I paid I am quite pleased.”

HMS Haier Washing Machine

haier washer dryerHMS-1000TVE
• Energy class: A
• Washing performance class: B
• Spinning performance class: C
• Loading capacity: 5 KG
• Max spin speed: 1000 rpm
• Loading door dimensions: diameter 30 cm
• Controls: Electronic
• Number of programs: 11
• Noise level (db(A)): 71
• Product dimentions (HxLxP): 85 x 59.5 x 52

Haier Washer Dryer Combo

haier front load washer dryer comboThe Haier Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo HWD1000 is the simple and compact laundry solution for small spaces with no venting capabilities, making it the perfect companion for small homes, apartments, cabins, RVs, and boats. Plus this versatile Energy Star rated machine both washes and dries clothing in a single stainless steel tub! Simply choose from 7 Fabric Care Wash Cycles and 4 Dry Setting, and clothing is automatically washed then dried, with moisture condensed and released into your drain rather than through a hot vent. The specially-designed Ultra-Quiet construction of the HWD1000 ensures whisper-soft operation, and the automatic dispensers for detergent, fabric softener, and bleach release each product into the machine at just the right time so you don’t have to.

“The machine does not use very much water but you can change the water setting depending on how dirty the clothes are.  I am not certain if it uses a lot of electricity as my electricity is included in my condo fees. It’s 115 so I imagine it does not.

I have noticed that if you are doing more than 2 loads of washing AND drying, by the third dry cycle, the machine shuts off about half way during the third dry cycle because I think it detects near overheat.  This may be something wrong with the machine or a safety feature–I am not sure but the machine does get very hot after that many cycles. That’s basically 6-7 hours of continuous operation so be careful.

It’s a great machine for 1-2 people. You can’t expect too much from it like washing 3 pairs of jeans and 2 towels. You have to pick and choose the types of things you wash with each load. It can wash/dry everything but you have to balance out thickness.

Overall, I got a good deal on it at an appliance site online. I paid approx. $600, shipping and tax inclusive.  It has made my life more convenient and while it takes time and has quirks, this is a LOT better than quarters and laundromat and I feel that Haier do make the best washer and dryer machines.”

Haier Top Loader

haier washing machinesHLP21E Top Load Washer
Key Features Washer Type Washer
Load Type Top Load
Volume Capacity 0.91 cu/ ft
Weight Capacity 6.6 lb.
Wash Wash Presets 3 Wash Presets
Extra Settings Quick Wash • Heavy Duty
Water Levels 3 Levels
Convenience Control Features End-of-Cycle Signal
Additional Features Quiet Operation
Other Features Tub Material Stainless Steel
Exterior Color White
Dimensions Overall Depth 17.25 in.
Overall Height 30 in.
Overall Width (Display) 17.63 in.

“I  can’t say enough good things about this little machine!  My boyfriend and I live in a small, attic studio, and it fits in my bathroom with no problems.  It’s quiet enough that my boyfriend can take a nap while it’s running.  The spin cycle means some serious business!  I can wash a pair of heavy denim jeans in the afternoon, and they’ll be dry to wear by evening.
It tends to need some babysitting through the end of the cycle, and can be prone to unbalancing, but given it’s size, that’s not at all unexpected.  I have the water draining into my bath tub, and I strongly recommend using something on the end of the drain hose for lint, something a little beefier than those mesh things, as they let a bit of lint through, and will clog your plumbing.   I switched over to an old sweat sock, and problem solved.If you live in an apartment, I strongly recommend this washer.  I’m now saving at least $15 a week by not going to the laundromat.”

“It’s awesom. We don’t have a washer and dryer in the apartment. We bought this washing machine right before our baby was born. I love it. It cleans everything. Originally we bought it just to use for the baby’s clothes now I am using for everything, including jeans.Best part about it it dose not take room as it is very small. So if you don’t have space this is perfet. It’s easy to hook to the bathroom sink.”

Haier Portable Washer

haier xqg50 11 front load all in one washer dryerPortable Washer. 11.0 Lbs, Electronic Controls, LED Readout, 22″ Wide, 4 Wash Cycles, 3 Water Temperatures, 3 Water Levels, 2-24 Hour Delayed Start, Fabric Softener & Bleach Dispenser, Load Balance System, Removable Lint Filter, Quick Connect Sink Adapter, Dual Water Inlets, Heavy Duty Casters.

“When we bought this little washer, we were living in an apartment and I was looking for something to launder cloth diapers.  We didn’t pay too much for this washer, and I half-expected to be disappointed.  I never have.  This machine is easy to store, easy to hook up, easy to use, and it works well.  Cloth diapers have to be cleaned well, and this little washer is perfect.  After 3 years, two more babies and 2 moves, this washer is still going.  Fantastic this is among the best washing machines for a small price!”

“I bought the above from an outstanding e-bay store and the unit was dented up like described. Looked like it was fork- lifted- dropped & rolled from about 30 feet in the air!! Dents I didn’t think were possible in impossible places.
But after examining closely, everything was still together inside, so hook up I went. Worked perfectly after such an apparent beating. I mean beating! Very simple hook up, only using the cold fill side on the machine, for my single lever faucet. The wheels were a little hard to put on but a wrench is supplied. Tight bolts. Unit has handles on side, opposite of each other and is very easy to move. Rolls great, even on carpet! I do recommend having someone with some mechanical ability around though… This machine is very quite even without bottom cover. Does an excellent job on wash, rinse, spin. It gives you 3 rinses on normal and heavy wash.The lint filters work well. Very flexible programming and operation. You can easily custom wash, rinse, spin any item it is that flexible. Easy to navigate for anyone. I am impressed.”

Haier Encore Washer

haier washer dryer comboGWT950AW
Bring the best in laundry technology into your home with the Encore washer. With its advanced Dual Drive technology, the Encore protects the shape of your clothes while getting them cleaner than ever.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Electronic Controls – VFD Display
Extra Rinse
10 Water Levels
Infinite Wash/Spin Speeds
4 Soil Level Selections
4 Wash/Rinse Temperatures
Delay Start
Bleach Dispenser
Extended Spin
Safety Control Lockout
9 Wash Cycles Including Custom
4.1 cu. ft. Tub Size
Dual Drive Wash System
1000 RPM Spin Speed
Stainless Steel Tub
10 Water Levels

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