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Bosch Washing Machines Reviews on Washer Dryer Products

Bosch Washing Machines

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These ranges are named differently in the USA and the UK but are basically the same the difference is that no variable voltage selector is built into bosch machines so they can only be used in the country they are bought in. That is why the names are different so that you dont buy the incorrect one for your countries voltage system.

In the USA they have the nexxt and axxis ranges with the main difference being that the axxis range is the smaller more compact model. This model can be stacked unlike the nexxt range which are the larger capacity versions.

The three UK ranges are the Logixx, Classixx andExxcel

Bosch Washing Machine

The Bosch Logixx range of washing machines have 8kg and 10kg wash load capacities. So you can wash larger loads in fewer washes and with even less creasing. The larger drums easily swallow bigger items you couldn’t wash before, like rugs, blankets and duvets.

Bosch Classixx washing machines are extremely easy to use. The uncluttered fascia design features a control dial to select the programme and temperature, special requirements are selected via buttons.

The Bosch Exxcel range of washing machines feature a large LED display and easy-to-use programme control. The range includes machines that offer a larger 7kg capacity, easily handling heavier washing loads saving you time and money, while still delivering an A-class wash performance.



Bosch Washer Dryer Reviews


“I own a Bosch WFL 2463 GB. Had it 5 years now,use it every day, very often twice daily. As yet not a single problem, or breakdown. Very Happy”

Bosch Appliances


“Excellent machine, we had ours ten years before it went to the laundry in the sky! Master board failed, cheaper to buy a new machine than put a new part in an old machine. I have bought another Bosch Washing Machine.”


“I brought this item on the basis that Bosch had a good reputation on producing great washing machines and also because I was fed up of my old Hotpoint dancing around the kitchen and scaring my dog Tazmin. It is absolutely fantastic, washes perfectly, very quiet and has a great range of washing cycles. My dog is very happy now and can even be in the same room whilst its carrying out a wash, Pricelss. This Item is well worth the extra money and Gets a 5 out of 5 rating from me and my sister, who also has one now.”


“This is the top of the range front loading washing machine from Bosch, and boasts quieter running, pause functions, detailed display, reduced running time and water consumption and some fancy wash detection computing. The machine looks very very nice and as you walk around it you can see it has a very sturdy build quality. The drum size is fair – not the biggest on the market. In comparison with my last machine an old Hoover the noise is practically inaudible. The rattle of a clapped out DC10 taking off is replaced with a friendly hum even during fast spins.The program range is excellent, especially for cooler and delicates washes. The spin range is from 400 – 1400.”


“I needed a narrow depth washing machine for a poorly designed studio flat kitchen and the 2060 was the perfect answer.It is now nearly 3 years old and hasn`t missed a beat. My only comment is on spin it sounds like a 737 on reverse thrust but I can live with it as the overall quality and reliability overide that.It packs a lot of punch for a small load machine and I have been entirely happy with it.”

Bosch Washing Machine Features

AQUASTOP Leak Protection

AQUASTOP is Bosch’s patented multi-stage leak-protection system that safeguards your home in the unlikely event of a washer leak. If the sensor detects a leak, the machine automatically shuts down water flow and pumps out any remaining water.

Bosch Washing Machines


Using a thermostat-controlled, intelligent sensor for improved precision, this innovative cycle heats up the water to 170 and maintains this temperature for exactly 3 minutes. After killing 99.9 percent of most common household bacteria, the water temperature is reduced to a gentler 150 to prevent fabric breakdown. Clothes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with no damage to the fibers.


This wash cycle has been engineered to waterproof ski apparel, rain gear and other breathable outerwear. Simply pour your waterproofing product into the dispenser chamber, select the AQUAGUARD program and renew the waterproof layer of your garment.


For ultimate efficiency, Bosch washers offer ECOACTION, which adjusts water temperature and cycle length with the touch of a button to reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent per cycle.

1,200 rpm Spin Speed

Bosch washers spin your clothes at an extremely high speed, helping to remove the most water possible before you move your clothes into the dryer. This minimizes energy usage during the drying process.


We offer SENSOTRONIC PLUS, a network of sensors that analyze your wash, determining load size, temperature and more, then adjusts levels automatically to care gently for everything from wool to silk.

Nexxt DLX Series – Nearly Silent Wash System

By combining a high quality brushless motor system, a low-friction belt drive and specially engineered housing for additional sound insulation, Bosch washers are the quietest in the industry. The Nexxt DLX Series washers have a 52 to54 dBA silence rating.

Touch Control with LED Display

Axxis washers are extremely easy to use and clean thanks to their convenient touch control.Simply activate each cycle with just a touch, then use the easy-to-read display to view your selection and monitor your progress.

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Bosch Washing Machines

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