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Admiral Washer Dryer Appliances

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Admiral Washing Machine

Here you will find images and specifications of the front and top loading ranges of washers and washer/dryers and various retail outlets for prices and purchases.

Admiral Washer AAV Range

admiral washing machineAdmiral AAV7000A Top Load Washer
This Admiral washer features a 3.3 cu. ft. Super Capacity tub to fit more laundry and get it finished fast. Includes Regular, Wrinkle-Free and Delicates cycles, plus variable wash and rinse temperatures and three water-temperature combinations. Built-in dispensers for bleach and fabric softeners make laundry day more convenient, and the 620-rpm spin speed removes more water in the spin cycle so your dryer has less work to do. The six-point suspension system keeps vibration to a minimum while the multi-action agitator powers away dirt and stains. The self-cleaning lint removal system keeps the polymer tub clean; powder-coated top and lid are durable to resist rust. Plus, since it’s built by Maytag Corporation and backed by a strong warranty, you know your Admiral washer will perform reliably for years.

“When my old washing machine was on its last legs we decided it was time to replace it but didn’t want to spend too much money since, at the time, we had been thinking of possibly selling the house in the not to distant future, well, before the real estate market collapsed ….
So, after reading an ad in the Miami Herald one Saturday, we saw what looked like it might be a great deal at Home Depot, they were offering instant rebates on all their washing machines and free delivery if the price was over $300.00.…we headed on over there to see what we could find.
While looking around I noticed most of the machines were in the $400 to $500 price range and was disappointed since we wanted to spend a bit less than that…I found a sales representative and told her what we were looking for so she led us over to an Admiral and told me that it actually was a Maytag..huh? I wondered…she then explained the parent company thing and that this machine sold for much lower cost than a Maytag and was manufactured with the same quality workmanship and reliability as these Maytags, just sold with the Admiral name…Besides that, this machine was on sale for $319.00, and was eligible for the $50 rebate plus a $25 store gift card and the free shipping and installation…that sounded pretty good to me.
I did tell her what my basic needs were and that I didn’t need a fancy machine just one that had large capacity, had a permanent press cycle and cleaned clothes thoroughly…Not to worry she assured me, this Admiral Top Loading Washing Machine had all that and more. It looked nice, plain white and that top loading feature was what I was looking for.
So we made the deal and within a week my new washing machine was delivered and set up…They even took my old washing machine away…some places don’t do that.
To get acquainted with my new Admiral I emptied my hamper into my laundry basket and brought it down to my garage.
There couldn’t be an easier machine to use…
As I said, this is not fancy machine with a lot of bells and whistles…but it is a heavy duty, super capacity plus model with 2 speeds.
There are just 3 controls
One; LOAD SIZE……………Mini, Med, Super and Reset…I’ve never used that reset
Two; WASH/RINSE TEMP…Hot/Cold…Warm/Cold…Cold/Cold
Three; FABRIC SETTINGS…Delicates…Wrinkle free…Regular
Some machines have quite a few more options, I know my old one did but, to tell you the truth, since I’ve been using this machine in the year and a half that I’ve had it, I never felt I needed any other options.
As with any washing machine the first thing to do is select a load size…The mini is perfect for my wash and wear clothes and delicates, when I have just one or two items to wash…the medium is just that, medium amount of laundry and best of all, the super really is super…I can wash a full hamper of laundry or, when I want to wash my duvet cover my shams and queen sized bed linens there is enough room for all those items. I also found there is enough room for two small blankets I use where my cats sleep, so each week I can keep the fur and dander under control in those little spots they like to hide in. The mini option is great for delicates or just one or two items.
Ok, so whatever it is you are washing is loaded in the machine…next step is water temp…for most laundry I use hot/cold…I’ve read that hot water sanitizes clothes better then cold so that’s what I choose to use e especially when washing unmentionables…for delicates or my Tropical print shirts, that I hate to iron, I usually use cold/cold so the colors stays nice and bright… or, I use warm/warm when it is . suggested for other permanent press items.
When choosing the fabric setting I usually use the wrinkle free option… I use regular for towels and blankets….so you can see I really don’t need any other fancy settings…besides it is just the two of us, old hubby and me and we don’t really have too much laundry, not like it was when we had kids living at home.
On the inside of the nice big tub is the large agitator and on top of the agitator is a container for your fabric softener..its one nice piece and nothing to separate to clean.
On one side of the top of the tub in the corner is a bleach dispenser, which I rarely use.

Now, one thing is different with this washing machine…they instruct you to add your detergent to the tub first, either liquid or powder…I like to use liquid. And, to use the correct amount recommended by the detergents manufacturer…a bit more or less depending on the soil factor. Then add the desired amount of fabric softener and your bleach to the dispenser should you use these products.
Add clothes, but do not wind them around the agitator especially sheets or other large items and try to mix the size of the items…wash blankets and other bulky items separately.
When laundering wrinkle free clothes never use less then medium water level, to minimize wrinkles and shrinking.
Close lid and pull the dial out to start after you select your type of fabric…easy as one, two, three.
If you need to add anything during the wash cycle you can open the lid to add it since the agitating cycle runs so smoothly, with no splashing, that you can put in that lost sock or whatever you might find lying on the floor…it takes about 20 minutes of wash time and about 30 for the entire cycles to run.
Strange thing, I guess I’m lucky since I read a few reviews here on epinions and, with the exception of one, each reviewer noted that the machine was shaky and noisy…one person said it sounded like a helicopter…well, I don’t know how their machines were installed or if they were on a level surface or not but my Admiral is not noisy in the least, I mean noisy to the point of being annoying…even the spin cycle is normal in the way it sounds and doesn’t shake very much at all.
I have found that,, without exception, my laundry comes out very clean, and if I follow directions with my wrinkle free items, I never have to use an iron.
hint: take clothes out washer and or dryer immediately before they have a chance to wrinkle or sit on one another, do not let them sit in the machine…if you do, then they will wrinkle.
The machine has a few other neat features too.
Automatic lint filtering system,
Unbalanced spin load compensator
Overload protector…
Sounds good to me.
It’s also very easy to keep clean just wipe down the inside tub and outside, around the dials, every once in a while.
All in all, this Admiral To Loading Washing Machine has been a part of my cleaning arsenal for about a year and a half now and thank goodness I’ve never had a problem with it… the Maytag, err, Admiral repairman is still resting on his laurels….
Thumbs up on this machine…3 1/2 stars!”

AW Top Loading Admiral Appliance

admiral washeraw22
Washer Type: Washer
Load Type: Top Load
Weight Capacity: 22 lb.
Wash Presets: 3 Wash Presets, including: Permanent Press, Delicates, Cotton
Extra Settings: Quick Wash · Mini Load · Extra Rinsing
Spin Speeds: max. 650 rpm
Water Levels: 4 Levels
Washing Method: Drum
Dispensers: Fabric Softener Dispenser · Bleach Dispenser
Energy Efficiency: F
Wash Efficiency: A
Spin Drying Efficiency: C
Other Features 
Exterior Color: White
Overall Depth: 27.56 in.
Overall Height: 44.09 in.
Overall Width (Display): 27.17 in.

“Having purchased Kenmore appliances for years, I am used to receiving comprehensive owners manuals which actually give you usable information. The Admiral booklet is useless except for learning how to turn the washer on and off. This particular machine has an “end of cycle” buzzer loud enough to wake the dead and short of removing the back panel and cutting wires, there is no way to turn it off. A very poor design. A further problem, when you try to go on-line for tech info or support, Admiral is a poor stepchild of the Maytag line of products. Good luck getting any help easily!”

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Admiral Washing Machine

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