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This article is an introduction with some basic history of these appliances and an overview of the different types on the market. Washing machine reviews of particular makes such as  Bosch Washing Machines and Samsung Washing Machines can be found within the site using the brand reviews section or category links on the right hand side.

In 1797 the first scrub board was used prior to this bashing your clothes off a rock was the normal way of doing your laundry. 1851 seen the birth of the drum style and then in 1874 the first home appliance was made in Indiana as a birthday present. William Blackstone made a wooden appliance for his wife which consisted of jamming your clothes on a board in a tub and turning a handle which moved  them through the water. Eventually in 1908 the electric version was introduced by Hurley Company and this first appliance was called the THOR. Wringers had been about since 1851 and it was common practice to have these added to the design of any appliance. Wood was gradually replaced by metal in the early 1900’s with hand, steam and engine driven tubs getting replaced by electric one’s from 1908 onwards. The first appliance to be able to wash, rinse and extract water from clothes (spinning as we know it today) appeared around 1934 built by John W Chamberlain. The first automatic appliance was made in 1947 and was a top loading appliance and by the mid 1950’s automatics started to outsell all others.

Washing Machine ReviewsTwo of the oldest manufacturers are Maytag Washing Machines who produced farming tools from 1893 till changing to wash appliances in 1907 and are still doing extremely well in the business. Maytag introduced the concept of making the water move around the clothes rather than the clothes being moved in the water. The other is Whirlpool Washing Machines who were founded in 1911 in Michigan making electric wringers.

There are two main types of appliances the top loader and the front loader , let’s look at the top loader first.

Best Washing Machines Top loading appliances Older versions and some new ones have a lot of mechanical parts like clutches, gearboxes and cranks all of which can breakdown. Since the introduction of direct drive motors these parts are not required so always go for a direct drive appliance as less can go wrong with it. Loading is done through the top of the appliance and is easier than a front loader as you don’t have to bend down to do it. Clothes sit in an inner basket within the main tub which holds the water which is agitated by a propeller that is located under the clothes basket. The motion of the water causes the clothes to be pulled down towards the centre and then forced outwards and up and back down towards the centre again. During this operation a hinged door is closed to keep the water in. Advantages of a top loader are a quicker wash cycle, no door seal that can leak and the ability to stop the wash and open the door at any point in the cycle. Disadvantages are these are not good for big linen jobs bed sheets, sleeping bags etc as they sit float rather than circulate around the tub.

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Top loaders are the best sellers in Australia, Latin America, Canada and the United States with front loaders preferred in Asian and European countries.

Best Rated Washing MachineFront loading appliances
These are mechanically simple machines but because the water rises to the door level they require a very good waterproof seal. With wear these can start to leak and need replacing another problem is the bellows which is the flexible pipe between the drum and the door. This can be damaged by any loose articles left in pockets tearing it while the machine operates.

Otherwise these appliances rarely suffer from any mechanical faults. Clothes are loaded in through the door which is then closed for the whole cycle. The drum is fitted with paddle ridges which when rotating cause the clothes to move in a tumbling motion. These use less water than a top loader and therefore less powder.

Washing Machine Reviews

The actual machine reviews can be found in the brand section in the column to the right of this article or my clicking on any make. You can read about the best rated washing machine manufacturers there and use the links throughout the site to check prices or buy washing machine of your choice.

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